Internet Information Society (editorial, technical reporting, commentary, views, seminars, information and short delivery) will be issued. (Free distribution)

Journal of Internet Information Society (academic research papers, complete examination after delivery) will be issued.

In Spring and various academic events it is estimated that many researchers will have chance to participate in the presentation and papers.

Research participation activities of the various academic qualifications and professional sectors in the event and the papers released.

Activities and international conferences abroad to participate in conferences and referrals.

Internet information and technology achievements in the development by members will receive awards xxx.



Members of the special board's will decide the membership fee, permanent members, Member, associate-member. Membership dues are as follows.

  - Lifetime membership fee. Personal permanent membership fee: KRW 500,000

  - Annual fee. Member: KRW 50,000

  - associate-member: KRW 30,000


Once deposited in a bank account under Dues must have your name and number and contact information (phone number, e-mail address), deposits (banks, post offices), I want everyone to fill out a deposit with the conference secretariat, please send an e-mail or fax.


 - Shinhan Bank: 516-03-007403 / Post Office: 103838-01-007424

 - holder: Internet Information Society




Special Member:

Contribute to the development of the Internet and information sectors, conference organizations and the corporation.

Honorary Member:

Ph.d. and higher education, and this contributed greatly to the advancement of the party conference.

Regular member:

Internet-related areas of information obtained at least a bachelor's degree or 2 years in the field of Internet-related information now.

One time member:

Internet Student Information Department or Internet-related information related field workers.

Member organizations:

The library, one of the early educational institutions, and related businesses, research institutes, government agencies and affiliated organizations. (Articles of Incorporation Article 6)


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