Due to the growth in information industry, the importance of the Internet in modern society is, dramatically growth. The Internet is for the purpose of national defense, national security, development, but now integrating it with the National Industries for the development and communication features an enormous contribution to the national economy.

     So far, computer-related groups, academia, a lot of computer-related information technology, but now the Internet is the way to research and develop a center of scholarly associations. Internet-based business and information technology business is the prize various research organizations and academic organizations have been building separately. But now, technology and the Internet should be effective, integrate information technology to achieve a multiplier effect, synergy of these technologies should result in of industrial development, and enhance the competitiveness of the national era.

     Internet and information industries have emerged as the country's industry, foreseeing and addressing the challenges in this field is urgent need of the day. All e-government transactions between companies and the people working on the computer, communications and technical problems are via internet. The importance and development of the Internet and information technology has brought together a risk.

     Corporate and government enterprises, businesses, have to share information between citizens, all transactions are and need to develop ways to standardize and integrate the technologies required. In addition, to develop technologies to protect the information, the Internet is still a very important thing.

     So far, we have to be tie to the logic of development and efficiency of the various offices to the civil documents issued. Developments are now daring to do it on the Internet and communication technologies, this has become possible by the affordable prices. We sees that how easy this is to build wide-area networks, the Internet, information technology, business, its inexpensive and quick to achieve. Activation of Internet information technology improves the quality of life of the people.

     The education and research capabilities of universities and with government and industry together, with the production of the Academic cooperation should be as follows.

Internet technology, human resources and information technology allows mass production of curriculum development and educational institutions.

Development of the Internet and information technology to integrate and perform research work and research projects.

Research and related technologies for the presentation, lectures, can be held jointly, with possibility of long distance communication.

Holding Conferences, publishing the Journal, and related literature.

Technical specifications for the development of standardization and the establishment of business support.

Members to promote mutual interests and friendship.


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